Quality Policy

Karzen Textileas an expert company in the sector; has achieved its place in the regional, national and international economy with the quality policy it has rightly applied.

Karzen Textile The basis of quality policy; Total Quality Management. All our activities defined within this scope are regularly measured, analyzed, controlled and continuously improved and improved.

In this context, Karzen Textile  the top management continuously monitors and meets the expectations, desires and satisfaction of all stakeholders (Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Society) in local, national and international arena.

To maximize our product and service quality;

Targeting customer satisfaction, customer needs on time and meet the desired way. Information, which directs our employees to targets, to provide continuity of trainings that bring skills and behavior change. Working in compliance with suppliers, the desired quality level to provide the best quality raw materials on time. Human to produce products that do not harm health and the environment. Quality management requirements and continuously review and improve its effectiveness.