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Planning, paying great attention to product quality in all products produced, in order to meet the demand or orders and contribute positively to the objectives of the business. ensuring 100% customer satisfaction by making plans.

  • Timely fulfillment of orders
  • Utilizing the available resources (machinery, labor, equipment, materials, etc.) in the most efficient way
  • Make the most of the facilities available
  • Elements of Material Requirements Planning System
  • Outputs of Material Requirements Planning System
  • Removal of clear needs
  • Determination of needs on the basis of material, Scheduling
  • Quality of the products produced


Experienced staff, owned models, from the customer using digital technology, ready to cut molds according to fabric properties Converts. Computer technology in both mold and cost stage using the samples on the production line as soon as possible to produce and deliver.


Fully automatic computerized cutting for precision and speed cutting systems are used, from mold preparation to marker making, all stages from fabric laying to cutting It is made.


Karzen Textile's talented, disciplined machine operators is the most important advantage. As a result of periodic personnel training a pioneer shown as an example that has standardized high production quality garment facility. For men's clothing, women's clothing and children's clothing kinds of textile products sewing works with care and high quality It is made.

Ironing & Package

The iron and package department, which works simultaneously with the production, makes our customers' orders for different countries ready for shipment by responding to all special labeling demands and packing them so that they can be placed on the shelves without any additional processing in the stores.